blue zecron

2,000.00 1,800.00

Zircon stone is one of the famous gemstones; it comes in pure form with clear colour and turns many colour shades due to impurities. Yellow, red, pink, brown and many colours are available on zircon gemstone.


Benefits of blue zircon gemstone :-
It removes the negative energies and thoughts from the user
It boosts up the self-confidence in user
Brings prosperity in the user’s life
It balances the user in terms of physical, mental and emotional health
It frees up the blocked energies in the user’s body and heals it
Helps to treat the asthma disease and allergies
Treat the problem of insomnia and dizziness
Enhance the memory capabilities of the user
It helps to treat the various skin disease
It helps to clear the vision of a user’s life