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Amber is an organic semi-precious gemstone which is exactly not a mineral, but hardened resin of the pre-historic trees. It is found in a range of color from yellow to brown, red, black, blue and green etc. This gemstone occasionally contains fascinating insects or plant inclusions which increases its value greatly. Since ancient times, amber is used in jewellery, decorative pieces and healing therapies.

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Amber gem meaning ‘Kahraman stone’ in Hindi, is an exceptional gem variety which is appreciated by healers as well as jewellery designers worldwide. Greeks recognized Amber as a medicinal stone whereas Romans believed this stone had magical powers. Even today, people place deep faith in Amber healing properties and also wear it as a lucky charm.

Indian Astrology prescribes Amber (Kahraman or Kahrua stone) for Taurus zodiac sign.
Western Astrology recommends Amber as the alternate birthstone for Cancer, Leo, Aquarius, Virgo, Pisces, Taurus and Capricorn sign.
Due to the mild healing properties of Amber, this gemstone is often recommended for children (undergoing painful teething process), pregnant women and aged people. Its soothing energies are recognised for providing relief from pain, stress, anxiety and discomfort.

Amber Stone Benefits :-
Brings Mental & Emotional Peace – Wearing Amber stone is said to help people dealing with psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, fear or stress. This gemstone is considered highly beneficial for pregnant women and professionals in medicine or healing.

Cures Pain Body, Endocrine & Digestive Ailments – Gem therapist place deep faith in Amber gemstone benefits in getting a speedy recovery from medical conditions including goitre, headache, tension, jaundice, flue etc. Amber gemstone is considered as an effective remedy for people suffering from arthritis pain or babies undergoing the painful teething process.