Pregnancy/Infertility Problem

Pregnancy / Infertility Problem

what is pregnancy/infertility problem?All the solutions for the pregnancy/infertility problems.


In simple words "Pregnancy" is the time when one or two offspring develop inside a woman. But according to Hindu Shastras, at the time of relevant union, the soul enters into the womb of the mother to take birth into a new mortal coil at an appropriate time. For our family growth or to get the happiness of becoming parents, we all depend on this term "Pregnancy". But it is very sad to see in our society, a lot of couple are there who doesn't get this happiness so easily. And they will do all possible attempts to became parents but they failed. And for these couples our site provide the best pregnancy and fertility related astrological predictions to make smiles on their faces.

Pregnancy Problem : Astrology Solution

Fertility prediction

Every women know, tuning the menstrual cycle is the key to understand and manage the fertility problems. And from the past 10 years, the rate of fertility problems is increased gradually between the women at all over the world. The reason is unhealthy lifestyle. And the astrological reason is the ill placed location of moon at our kundli. So, through our best astrological advice you can solve this fertility problem and gain all the happiness.

Astrology for child birth

Birth of a child is very joyful for a family which cannot explained in words. And at the same time without a child, a family is incomplete. But for some family this happiness is very hard to get because of infertility problems or other problems. And only through astrology you can find a way to solve this problem. Because according to astrology you can know the right time, when you will get pregnant or you can get the remedies for it.

Baby astrology

Before the child birth or from the pregnancy time, people are very worried about their baby's health, future and many more things. And we understand, this concern for your baby is very important. So our site provide you the best service of baby astrology through which you can get the information about your baby's health and future in advance. And you can take the right remedies at the right time, If there is any problem you found about your baby.

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Pregnancy is the most important thing for a woman in this world because through pregnancy a woman will be able to get the happiness of being a mother. As we know motherhood is a one of the top desires of every lady so for any reason if a lady doesn't get this emotion in her life then she feels incomplete. From the study of last 10 years data it is concluded that the infertility problems of ladies is gradually increased in our society. So to give you an effective solution of this pregnancy related problems, our site provide you the service of pregnancy astrology by date of birthand pregnancy horoscope prediction. Through which you will know the right time for your pregnancy for a healthy baby and the right time for your child birth by the help of your date of birth.

Horoscope Prediction : Pregnancy Problem

Pregnancy horoscope

Pregnancy is one of the most important thing in every woman's life. Because in this period of life every woman feel the most beautiful emotion of this world. But due to infertility problems some women are not able to experience this beautiful emotion. Through the help of astrological remedies, you will be able to experience this emotion. And able to bring happiness into your life.

Child birth horoscope

Through horoscope you can get the news about your present, past and future. For example if you are facing a delay in your pregnancy time then you can take the help of astrology to know the right time of your child birth. Or if there is a complication you are facing in your pregnancy then through the astrology you can solve it. So you can consult with our astrologer for this problem.

pregnancy horoscope 2020

Every person who believes in astrology also believe in the horoscope chart because through a yearly horoscope chart, a person can know about his journey of whole year. In pregnancy this yearly horoscope chart is being very important for you. Because through it you can know the details about your pregnancy time that how it is going to be. Contact us for 2020 yearly horoscope prediction.

Infertility Problem : Kundli Prediction

Kundli prediction for pregnancy

The first house and lord must be clear of any negative effects, indicating robust health and strong desire to bear a child.For pregnancy, the first, fifth and ninth houses or their lords of the horoscope are analyzed.In general, the status of 5th house in kundli is quite important. If this house has positive and good planets, then the couple have huge chances of having a healthy baby. The planets facing this house, impact of other planets on this house, and power and position of this house determine the “Pregnancy yog”.

Child birth prediction in kundli

Following are the parameters of child birth predictions :

  • Lord of the 5th house must lie in the same house only. It must not be placed into the 6th, 8th and 12th house.
  • No malefic should be present in the 5th house. Rahu, Ketu and Saturn should not lie somewhere around 5th house.
  • There are Nakshatras that signify the childbirth and the planet of the 5th house must be located in it. It promotes childbirth.

According to My Kundli When Will I Get Pregnent?

Having a family is an integral part of married life. But there can be problems with pregnancy in every married couple. Most of us take the process of conception for granted but problems can arise at any time. If you are planning to conceive immediately after your marriage, here are a few things astrology can do to help you out.

  1. Vedic astrology believes in jewelry that will enhance your health and help you to conceive faster.
  2. The best way for the woman to conceive is for the woman to attempt conception during the same period that she was born.
  3. The woman should attempt conception when the moon alignment and phases are exactly the same as during her birth.

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Pregnancy is the greatest blessing of God for a couple. Every couple which bound in the divine knot called "Marriage" seeks this blessing of God. Infertility is the inability to produce offspring .This condition may be present in one or both partner. Genetic, drugs, hormonal, lifestyle, poor health, psychological, and defective genitalia are factors responsible for impotence, infertility and sterility in the native.Factors responsible for infertility in astrology are the positions of planets in your kundli. Get the clarity about all your questions such as best way to conceive a baby or am i fertile or not by simply visiting the fertility prediction astrology services of

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When i will get pregnent? Astrology prediction

These factors that influence are to be decoded by an expert astrologer :-

  • How will the pregnancy period pan out?
  • Is there a risk of miscarriage signified by the planets?
  • Is there a risk of abortion?
  • Make sure Will it be a natural birth or birth from a surgery?
  • Jupiter well placed in the horoscope.
  • Presence of a fertile sign in the 5th house.
  • Presence of the lord of 5th house in the 1st house or the lord of 1st house present in the 5th house.
  • Jupiter aspecting the 5th house.

When i will get pregnent? Horoscope 2020

4 lucky zodiac signs are set to get pregnant in 2020 :-Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.

  • As a Virgo, you are naturally maternal and tender; qualities that make you the perfect candidate.
  • As a Scorpio, you’re not one to openly express your feelings, but the idea of having a baby completely melts you!
  • As a Capricorn, your motherly nature is apparent and your love for children is set to grow even stronger in the coming months.
  • As a Pisces,you’ll quickly settle into your new role and completely embrace the happiness it brings.

Pregnent hone ki upay/tarike:

Essential tips that will help you include-

  1. Conception rates are higher before 10-20 days of menstruation.
  2. When the moon is located above the horizon.
  3. When the moon and the Venus is transiting during the sun signs.
  4. When the moon is transiting through Jupiter.

आवश्यक टिप्स जो आपको शामिल करने में मदद करेंगे-

  1. मासिक धर्म के 10-20 दिनों से पहले गर्भाधान दर अधिक होती है।
  2. जब चंद्रमा क्षितिज के ऊपर स्थित होता है।
  3. जब चन्द्रमा और शुक्र सूर्य राशियों के दौरान गोचर कर रहे हैं।
  4. जब चंद्रमा बृहस्पति के माध्यम से पारगमन कर रहा है।

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