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Dosh ProblemSolution


Presence of planets at your 12 houses of horoscope chart can display your life journey. Through the detailed study of it you can know about all the up and down moments of your life and get prepare for it. And if the planets are ill placed at your houses of horoscope chart then you may suffer from various kundli doshas. By the help of best astrologer specialist our site provide you the full details of various kundli doshas and appropriate remedies for it .

What is Dosha Problem?

In vedic astrology the meaning of Doshas is the unfavourable conditions of life. The word doshas is a word taken from the Sanskrit language. According to Indian astrology, doshas occur because of the unfavourable position of the planets in the twelve houses of your birth chart. Date of birth and time is required to identify the position of your planets. On the basis of that the birth chart is prepared which will tell the position of planet when you were born.your good part of the horoscope leading to vedic astrology doshas if the malefic planets that is saturn, rahu, mars etc. are placed in certain specific houses.

Why do you need the solution?

  • You can be a lot more careful for your future life.
  • help you to get through the physical and mental health issues.
  • Property disputes and financial issues can also be managed easily.
  • You will well aware of the upcomming loses in your business or a bad phase of your professional career.
  • You can figure out the ways to handle your love life and married life.For more visit:

Types Of Doshas In Astrology:Consultation & Remedies

In now days people are facing a various types of problems related to health, love, marriage and business etc. And for these problems they need a genuine solutions. First of all we have to understand our all problems are related to our kundli doshas and only by taking right remedies for it, we can solve all our problems. There is a detail information given below about different Doshas and the right remedies for it.

Pitra Dosha (पितृ दोष)

What is Pitra Dosh?

The word "pitra" means father. In Hindu vedic astrology Sun is the karak of father. And if in our kundli sun is present at the 9th house then due to the malefic effect of lord Rahu, a person may suffer from the Pitra Dosha. Because the 9th house of our kundli is always having the influence of lord Rahu. For these are 3 ways how a person will suffered from Pitra Doshas. 1st is, if you are not doing the required rituals of your ancestors properly. 2nd is, if the outside or unknown person is affected by your ancestors. 3rd is, if you are living the aged people of your family to fend for themselves then.

  • It could delay your marriage.
  • It could affect your successful married life
  • It could be the reason of miscarriages and forbid the conceiving of the children.
  • There could be robbery, fire or accident in the house.
  • You can do ravi graha shanti and shani graha shanti.
  • Your manes will get satisfied if you will do Pinddaan.
  • You can worship your manes on the date of krishna pakhya of ashwini month.
  • You can offer food and clothes to the bramhins.
  • If the person suffering Pitra Dosha then he can remove it by worshiping peepal tree.
  • If the person offered some kheer to his manes on the day of Somvati Amavasya then Pitra Dosha will removed.
  • You can offer food and clothes to Brahmin on every Amavasya to reduce negativity of Pitra Doshas.
  • Give respect to the senior members of your family and take their blessing to remove your Pitra Doshas.

Nadi Dosha (नाडी दोष)

What is Nadi Dosh?

Nadi Dosha is a very serious issue for which a couple will suffer from some serious problems in their marriage life. According to Hindu Astrology, Nadi is one of the eight aspects which is essential to check for every couple for their happy married life. Among the 36 points of every person, Nadi have been assigned for 8 points which is very essential to match before our marriage. And without considering this nadi points a person will suffer from Nadi doshas.

  • Decreasing love attraction between husband and wife.
  • Health related problems occurs for anyone and both partners.
  • Possibility of infertility.
  • Your children are physically and mentally became weak.
  • You can use remedial games stones for it.
  • You can use world famous "Sampurna Vivah Sukh Yantra" .
  • You can chant Mahamrityunjaya mantra for pescribed number of times.
  • You can use different remedial yantras for your family.
  • Organise a grand Nadi Nivarana puja to remove it.
  • Donate grains, clothes and cow to poor and needy people.
  • The girl should marry lord Vishnu first and then she can marry to their desired husband.
  • Maintain peace, cooperation and generosity in your marital life.

Rahu Dosha (राहु दोष)

rahu dosha remedies-tabij.in_

What is Rahu Dosha?

Rahu is a planet which we can't see in the sky like other 7 planets but according to astrology it has the both good and bad effects on life. In our kundli there are 12 houses are present and the position of all planets in these houses are decide our life journey. And if Rahu is present in 6th, 8th and 12th number house of our kundli then we face a bad phase of our life. For this Rahu dosha we can face different problems in our life and there are some remedies by which we can avoid Rahu Doshas.

  • You could face health issues.
  • You could face bankruptcy and loss in business.
  • You could face marital separation.
  • You could face through familial discord and health issues of your kids.
  • You can use Rahu Dosha nibarana yantras.
  • You could worship lord Ganesha to reduce the effect of Rahu doshas.
  • You could chant the Rahu mantra- "Om Bhram Bhreem Bhrom Sah Rahave Namah" to reduce it's effect.
  • You can offer bela patra to lord Shiva to redduse the bad effect of Rahu Doshas.
  • Pouring water over Shiva linga regularly and specially on Monday.
  • Apply chandan on your head as tikka regularly.
  • Taking bath with putting a pinch of guggul in it.
  • Throwing coal pieces in running water.

Mangal Dosha (मंगल दोष)

Mangal dosha remedies-tabij.in_

What is Mangal Dosha?

Mangal is planet of war. So people are suffering from Mangal Dosh they are commonly facing problems like tensions, discomfort, unhappiness and separations in their married life. And the remedies for Mangal Dosh is very important for your marriage. If the mars is located in the 2nd house of our kundli then we could suffer from family problems. And if the mars is located in the 4th house of our kundli then we could suffer problems in our professional life. And if the planet mars is presented in the 7th house of our kundli then we could suffer problem for our ill-tempered behaviour.

  • You may suffer from financial losses.
  • You may losing your parental properties.
  • Your enemies may increased and you may suffer from financial problems.
  • You may suffer from some mental health issues.
  • You can practice Gayatri mantra on daily basis.
  • Chant Hanuman chalisa at least once in a day.
  • Chant "om shreem hanumate namah" for 108 times in a day sitting in front of Hanuman statue.
  • Visit Hanuman temple on Tuesdays and offer sweets and vermilion.
  • Find some workers working with sharp iron materials and donate some red clothes to them.
  • Mangal born boy must marry to a Mangal born girl.
  • On Tuesday, donate sharp objects like knives, food made of red gram dal, wheat breads, red clothes and red stones.
  • You can do kumbh vivah for mangal woman to overcome the ill effect of mangal doshas.

Mangalik Dosha (मांगलिक / अन्नमंगलिक दोष)

Mangalik dosha remedies-tabij.in_

What is Mangalik Dosha?

Mangalik dosha is a common dosha which can be seen in many person's horoscope. And the people who are suffering from this Mangalik dosha they are commonly suffering from different marriage problems. In sanskrit the planet mars is called Mangal and if this Mangal present in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house of a person's horoscope then that person is suffering from Mangal Doshas. And the person suffering Mangal Doshas is called "Mangalik".

  • You may have facing problems in your married life.
  • You may suffer from different mental health issues.
  • You may have suffer from some financial problems.
  • Your love life is disturbed due to full of negativity.
  • You can use the "Mangalik Nivarana" gemstones to reduce it's effect.
  • You can performing Mangal pujas in Navagraha temples.
  • You can do fasting in Tuesday reduce it's effect.
  • You can chant Mangal beej mantra on daily basis.
  • Marriage between two Mangalik individuals to completely remove mangalik doshas.
  • Performing Kumbh Vivah.
  • Offering clothes to needy people and contribute food to poor bramhins.
  • Placement of planet Mars in the horoscope chart by the help of astrologer specialist.

Gana Dosha (गण दोष)

gana dosha remedies-tabij.in_

What is Gana Dosha?

There are 3 types of Ganas named as Manushya(human), Dev(God) and Rakshas(demon) according to Hindu mythology. And Gana koot represents love and attraction between a couple. According to this Gana koot people who have scoring low in it, they are suffering from Gana doshas. During this Gana Dosha, couples are suffering from the different thinking and different mentality problems from each other. By which they can suffer from marital discord and unharmony.

  • You may have misunderstandings in your marital life.
  • You may suffer from trust issues with your partner.
  • You may feel the negativity in your marriage relationship.
  • You may feel unhappy due to a lot of factors in your marital life.
  • Gana Dosha gets cancelled due to mutual friendship of Rashi lords.
  • If Rashi lords are friends and Nadi Dosha does not exists in horoscope then according to "Peeyushdhara" Gana dosha is going to disable from your kundli.
  • According to "Muhurta Martand" Gana Dosha is nullified if Tara, Vashya, Yoni Grahamaitri and Bhakoot are okay.
Bride/Groom Dev Manushya Rakshash
Dev 6 5 1
Manushya 6 6 0
Rakshash 0 0 6

Shadash Dosha (शदाश दोशा)

Shadash dosha remedies-tabij.in_

What is Shadash Dosha?

Sadash Dosha is a Rashi sign compatibility check, which is considered while performing matchmaking. And the process to check the Sadash Dosha is very interesting. Let' understand this by an example- If a girl's moon sign is in 2nd house and the boy's moon sign is in 7th house then count from 2nd house to 7th house , you will get a figure of 6. Similarly count 7th house to 2nd house, if you will get a figure 8. Then this forms Shadash dosha in your kundli.

  • Your marital life may disturbed for negativity coming to your life.
  • The thinking and mentality of both bride and groom will different.
  • You and your partner may suffer from various maental health issues.
  • You may have face different marital problems in your life.
  • Donate white rice to poor and needy people.
  • Feed some red fruits to domestic animals at every Sunday.
  • Don't wear black cloths at Saturday.
  • Take the blessings from your elders.
  • Give cloths to poor brahmin at least once a month for 1 year.
  • Performing Navagraha shanti puja at your house.
  • Chant the mantras of Navagraha at Tuesday and Saturday.
  • Take the advice of astrologer for placement of planets in your Horoscope.

Bhakoot Dosha (भकूट दोशा)

Bhakoot dosha remedies-tabij.in_

What is Bhakoot Dosha?

According to Vedic Astrology, Bhakoot Dosh can be of 3 types. If Moon signs of both boy and girl are placed at a distance of 2 and 12 signs with respect to each other, then the kind of dosh formed in such Match Making is called Dwi Dwadash dosh, if both boy and girl have their Moon signs placed at a distance of 9 and 5 signs with respect to each other than the kind of dosh formed in such Match Making is called Navam Pancham Dosh and if both boy and girl have their Moon signs placed at a distance of 6 and 8 signs with respect to each other than the kind of dosh formed in such Match Making is called Shadashtak Dosh.

Following are the types of Bhakoot dosha and it's effect.

  • Dwi Dwadash dosh-could bring major health issues,misunderstanding,financial losses, etc.
  • Navam Pancham Dosh- there could be issues relating to children ( inability to have children).
  • Shadashtak Dosh-It may causes mutual separation or even death of one of the partners.

Many people want to know how to remove Sashtashtaga Dosha. It is very important to get the marriage cancelled if the Sashtashtaga Dosha is present in your kundli, because unlike other dosha like Mangal dosha, which can destroy happy married life instantaneously, Bhakoot dosha destroys marriage gradually. However the pain and separation has been seen to be more in Sashtashtaga dosha leading to life become total hell and problematic.One thing to note is that when we are talking about Sashtashtaga Dosha exception, the dosha does not finish completely.

The couples should get their horoscopes matched properly in order to know whether such Bhakoot Dosh is capable of causing any damage or not.If having Bhakoot Dosh during match making should not lose their patience and It should also be considered that the malefic effects of Bhakoot Dosh can be diminished with astrological remedies like Yantras,Poojas,Yagna and donations in most cases, which gives us one more reason for not being afraid of Bhakoot Dosh.Or you can simply consult expert astrologer of for a genuine solution.

Kal Sarp Dosha (काल सर्प दोष)

kal sarp dosha

What is Kal Sarp Dosha?

If all planets are rested between rahu and ketu then it is called “kal sarp dosha” and it is a very malefic dosha. In some cases it has the power to bestow many goodies to the native. In many charts it is found that people who have this dosha suffer in their early life.It is a karmic bondage of past lives which one has to repay in this life and after the karmas of bad deeds of past lives are finished, the native starts to rise in his life and reaches to high positions.

  • You will suffer delays and defeats in many walks of life.
  • There will be no mental peace in your life.
  • You will face Health issues every now and then.
  • Your career or business may get ruined.
  • Perform the Maha Mrityunjay Mantra Jaap at least 108 times daily.
  • Chant the Beej Mantra of Rahu for 108 times and keep a string of Agate (akeek) in the hand.
  • Offer Water to a Peepal tree every Saturday.
  • Offer 108 pairs of Nag and Nagin made of metal in the river and offer Rudra Abhishek on a Monday.
  • Chant the Panchakshari Mantra, i.e. Om Namah Shivay on every Monday .
  • Fast on Nag Panchami and worship the Nag Devta on this day.
  • Offer 11 coconuts in the river on a Saturday or on a Panchami.
  • Chant the Kaal Sarp Gayatri Mantra everyday morning.

Tithi Dosha (तिथि दोष)

tithi dosha remedies-tabij.in_

What is Tithi Dosha?

Tithi Dosha arises in Vedic Astrology because some tithis have inauspicious moments while sometimes it may be only for specific combinations. Tithi is the Vedic Lunar day counted from the Full Moon (Poornima) or New Moon. Each Tithi day is equal to a lunar transit of twelve degrees from the Sun. Amavasya (New Moon), Krishna Chaturdasi (Fourteenth day in waning moon period), Soonya Tithi (Zero effect Tithi) and Dagdha Tithi (Combust Tithi) are considered as inauspicious.

  • It brings poverty to the new born as well as the family.
  • A baby girl born in this Tithi is said to become a widow early.
  • It is said to be ruled over hell and brings untold misfortunes.
  • Hindrances in education and loss in business may be occurred.
  • Choose a suitable place in south-west direction for worship.
  • Install a vessel containing ganga water.
  • Use the leaves of the five plants Goolar,Banyan,Peepal, Mango& Neem in the vessel.
  • Install the idols of sun and moon near the vessel.
  • Worship the idols with the mantra "Savita" for the sun and "Apyayasva" for the moon.
  • Thereafter perform a Yagna in the name of sun and moon.
  • Poured the holy water from the vessel on the child and parents on Amavasya.
  • Donate gold,silver and black cow.

Yoni Dosha (योनी दोष)

yoni dosha remedies-tabij.in_

What is Yoni Dosha?

According to vedic astrology, every nakshatra is assigned to an animal which is called the Yoni of that nakshatra.The 1st nakshatra Ashwini represents Ashwa or horse and hence Ashwini nakshatra is said to belong to Ashwa Yoni. Similarly,all the 27 nakshatras are assigned to a different animal. Yoni is an aspect which carries 4 Gunas according to the system of Gun Milan in Vedic astrology, for the purpose of match making between two individuals. During this process different number of Gunas are assigned for Yoni match.

It is said that yonis affect married life in 5 big ways and can make or break factor in a marriage.

  • Nature yoni : The marriage will be successful.
  • Friend yoni (Mitr yoni): marriage will be happy, complete with friendship and understanding.
  • Sad yoni (Udaseen yoni): the marriage might not break, but will require work.
  • Enemy yoni (Shatru yoni): such a marriage should be avoided.
  • Extreme enemy yoni (Maha Shatru yoni): Such a marriage leads to a complete disaster.

If one or more of the following conditions are satisfied then the marriage may consider cancelled.

  • The Rashi (Moon sign) lord of both the partners should be in a common planet .
  • This happens when both have the same Rashi or the lords are friend to each other.
  • The lord of both partners is either a common planet or mutual friends.
  • There should not be Bhakootdosha.

You can remove the Yoni dosha by following the steps given below :

  • Match the Gunas carefully.
  • Chant of Mantras for your star sign.
  • Donations to poor people .
  • Organize Yagna before the marriage.

Lagna Dosha (लोगना दोष)

lagna dosha remedies-tabij.in_

What is Lagna Dosha?

If the clan of a person becomes corrupted or afflicted in some way,such as the lord of the Lagna is situated in any of the three sense houses,or despite being in an auspicious place,is weak in strength or comes under sinful act or becomes destitute by two then Lagna dosha takes place.when saturn(shani) comes in the six or eight or twelfth house then it gives strength to the horoscope. Saturn in seven ,nine oe eleven position may troubles you.

  • A person may suffer sorrow and pain.
  • Auspicious planets will give inauspicious results.
  • The time of raja yoga will passes away.
  • The native will suffer from a great loss.
  • Gemstone related to the Lagnesh can be worn.
  • Chant the Bija mantra only 108 times a day.
  • Chant the seed of Lord of your Lagna.
  • Seed mantra of the lagna can also be benefited.
  • Offer water to the lord sun in the morning on a daily basis.
  • Go to hanuman temple on every Tuesday.
  • Wore the Maroon tilak of lord hanuman on your forehead.
  • Try to make your deity happy.

Nakshatra Dosha (नक्षत्र दोष)

Nakshatra dosha remedies-tabij.in_

What is Nakshatra Dosha?

Nakshatras are very important in Hindu Vedic Astrology .there are 27 Nakshatra along with the 12 zodiac signs have the power to decide the course of our life and our personalities. This means they emphasize the good, bad and ugly turns in our life. All these turns can be remedied through astrological solutions. Based on an individual’s moon Nakshatra or moon constellation at the time of their birth, astrology offers powerful insights.

  • A boy born in Rohini Nakshatra will affect the longevity of his maternal uncle.
  • A boy born in Punarpoosam Nakshatra will have to suffer much more after marriage even if he is a son of a King.
  • A boy born in Moolam Nakshatra will not marry any girl and will lead brahmacharya life.
  • You can not postpone anyone's death if a dosha nakshatra girl joins your family.

Native who born in dosha nakshatra should perform the following relevent remedies to get rid of the dosham.
If a baby boy born in :

  • Aswini nakshatra 1st charanam , dosha nivarana pooja is to be performed for the father and child.
  • Bharani nakshatra 3rd charanam , dosha nivaarana pooja is to be preformed by the father.
  • Kritika nakshatra third charanam , dosha nivarana pooja is to be done for the father and the child.
  • Rohini nakshatra 1st and 3rd charanam, dosha nivarana pooja is required for the mother.

Native who born in dosha nakshatra should perform the following relevent remedies to get rid of the dosham.
If a baby girl born in :

  • Aswini nakshatra 1st charanam, dosha nivarana pooja is required for mother as well as the baby girl.
  • Bharani nakshatra 3rd charanam, dosha nivarana pooja is required for the mother and the child.
  • Magha nakshatra 3rd charanam, dosha nivarana pooja is to be done for the mother.
  • Hasta nakshatra 3rd charanam, the pooja is to be performed for the mother.

Chandra Dosha (चंद्र दोष)

chandra dosha remedies-tabij.in_

What is Chandra Dosha?

Chandra Dosha is a situation when the Moon is in a birth chart with Rahu or Ketu. As a matter of fact, Rahu and Ketu orbit around the sun in the opposite direction. In addition, they stay on each planet for 18 months and in a house depending on their ascendant. As they move, there might come a time when Chandra or moon will be in the same house as Rahu/ Ketu. This situation is called Chandra Dosha. If this Dosha occurs at the time of the birth of a baby, then the child will have a birth chart with the Chandra Dosha.

The effects of Chandra Dosha are as follows :

  • Finances will not be sufficient.
  • There will be losses in wealth and property.
  • Family problems will not end.
  • Success in career will be difficult.

The remedies of Chandra dosha are as follows :

  • Chant Beej Mantra (“Om Som Somay Namaha ll”) every day.
  • Offer milk to Shivling on every Monday.
  • Donate milk to the poor on every Full Moon and Mondays.
  • Chant the mantra ‘Om Ram Ravahe Namaha’ for Rahu and ‘Om Ketu Ketuve Namaha’ for Ketu.
  • Offer white items (rice, sugar, mishri and sweets) to the poor.
  • Feed dogs every Saturday.
  • Wear 2-mukhi Rudraksha.
  • Besides, do fast on the full moon days.

Graha Dosha (ग्रहा दोष)

groho dosha remedies-tabij.in_

What is Graha Dosha?

All planets have different effects on human life.An adverse effect of any one of the 9 planets in the horoscope can make the life of a person difficult.Graha Dosha is also a powerful nefarious Dosh that can harm you to a great extent. The Graha Dosh happens when you are born with the Sun and Moon in conjunction with Rahu and Ketu. Graha Dosh also happens when you were born when Solar or Lunar eclipse happened.

  • The married people find it difficult to have kids.
  • The children at home get ill easily.
  • There will be disharmony at home and failure in the business.
  • The progress of the native gets standstill.
  • The transient diseases, frustration, disappointment and depression become the part of life.
  • You should pay respect to your Guru and help him whole heartedly.
  • If the Graha Dosh happens due to the planet Sun, then you should offer water to the Lord Surya every day.
  • You should read Aditya Hriday Stotram every day.
  • Avoid salt on Sunday.Offer red colored dresses to the girl children.
  • If the Graha Dosh happens due to Moon, then donate a white cloth to a needy.
  • Make Kheer with rice and offer it to the girl children.
  • Chant Maha Mrityunjay Mantra 1,25,000 times.
  • Worship Lord Shiva and Hanuman to pacify the negative influence of Rahu and Ketu.

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