Palm Reading

Palm Reading

Your Fate Lies in Your Hand

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Palm Reading, also known as chiromancy, has its roots in India, China, but it’s truly a worldwide art of understanding your life and of telling your fortune. During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, palmistry was often suppressed as a superstitious practice, but today, I know many people who practice it to successfully understand themselves and others.
Basic palm reading is easy to understand and even easier to begin using. If you want to get started in becoming a chiromancer yourself, Tabij.inprovide together this detailed palm reading guide to help you understand the main aspects of this art.

Choosing the Perfect Hand for Reading

We have two hands; you can’t start palm reading without knowing which hand to examine. There are some palmists who believe that all females should use the right hand as the dominant hand and that all males should refer to the left hand. Confused? we help you out!
All of these theories are very interesting, but would suggest that you begin your palm reading by focusing mostly on the hand that you use predominantly(The hand you use most) until you’re ready to undertake a more thorough reading.

Understanding Your Hand Shape

Air Hand Shape

An air hand can also be square, but it is more likely rectangular in shape with long fingers and low-set thumbs. Unlike earth hands, people with air hands are curious, preferring to read & to learn through study. Many of these individuals are worriers who prefer to internalize their feelings and anxiety.

Earth Hand Shape

Earth hand based on the strongly square shape of the palm and fingers. The palm from the wrist to the bottom of the fingers is approximately the same length as the fingers. People with earth hands tend to be more practical and level-headed, learning from experiments prefer the outdoors to indoors.

Fire Hand Shape

These hands have fingers that are shorter than the square or rectangle created by the palm. Most fire hands are either flushed or pink in skin color. people with fire hands are extremely kinetic, they can be short-tempered and impatient. They are great leaders with a clear vision of their plans and their futures.

Water Hand Shape

water hand is an oval-shaped palm, these hands feature long and flexible fingers in ovular base. Those with water hands are often the most emotional and the most unbalanced. They have trouble dealing with stress, often choosing to listen to their feelings over their logical thoughts and they are artistic.

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Palm Reading Service

Palmistry is the wonderful study of hand which is based on analysis of mounts, lines, features, etc. of a hand Palm. Palmistry reading online play a significant role in framing one’s destiny. It is believed that Indian palm reading free is based on the knowledge and practice of palmistry which helps us to foretell the future through the study of the palm lines done by astrologers. Our Astrologers have tremendous knowledge on giving free palmistry report for several problems such as career, life, marriage, money, and health so on. Thus provide the palmistry report that covers all aspects of life.

Palm Reading Lines & What They Mean What They Mean

Heart Line

The heart line runs along the top of the palm just below the knuckles. You can read the heart line(also referred to as the love line) from the little finger to the index finger. The heart line is believed to demonstrate your romantic perspectives, your love life, your cardiac health, and your innate emotional stability.

Head Line

The head line is another of the most important lines you’ll find on a palm. It begins from the edge of the palm between the forefinger and the thumb. The head line is linked to a person’s beliefs, attitudes about life, critical thinking, and creativity. It affects the memory and the self-control of the person.

Marriage & Children Line

The marriage line is just above the heart line, and it indicates the state of your love relationships and marriage. The children lines are vertical lines just above your marriage line that indicate your number of children and the lives of children. Several others that you can study to learn about the hand’s owner.

Life Line

The life line begins near the thumb and arcs toward the wrist. This line is responsible for showing the physical health and general well-being including potentially major life changes. Despite popular belief, However, the lengths and shapes of this line are very important. To understand your life line you can consult with our astrologers.

Fate Line

The major palm line is the fate line; however, not everyone has one, so this may not be applicable to all of your palm readings. For those who do have a fate line, it shows how much a person’s life is affected by circumstances beyond his or her control. A deep line means that you’re strongly controlled by fate.

Money Line

There are money lines located under the base of your little finger that can indicate the amount of wealth you’ll have throughout your life. Bracelet lines, located at the base of your wrist, reveal your general health-state. If they are solid and unbroken it means that the person in question has a good chance for a long,

Online Palm Reading

Palm reading is mysterious fortune telling which definitely mirrors the one’s personal life. Palm line also tells everything about your past, present and future. It is believed that online Palm reading service give all answers to mortal curiosity which lies in our own hands. So Free online palm reading is associated with our personalities and future prospects in terms of career, life, marriage, money and health. make sure that our astrologers are able to look at anyone’s palm and confidently evaluate the lines on their palms with the help of Indian palmistry reading online.

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