Leo Horoscope - 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope

You will recieve mixed results for your labour today. Partnerships in business may see some lows. Traders will see a slow-down in sales. For those who are employed, issues related to progress may crop up. You need to carefully consider the advise given to you by your elders.

Leo Weekly Horoscope

On Monday, the full moon in your sector of travel and new opportunity looks rather edgy. With cautious Saturn and wounded healer Chiron involved in the mix, the day could see emotions rising and a tendency to be argumentative. If a plan must be abandoned, especially if it was something you were looking forward to, you likely won’t feel in a very good mood. No matter how tense you feel, the best response may be to detach and let any drama wash over you. Things could begin to fall into place later in the week. The focus on your sector of communication can be helpful no matter what you need to talk about. With the sun and thoughtful Mercury in this zone, this is an excellent time for negotiation and discussion. Thursday can be especially positive for networking and upbeat social events. It’s a good time to make new connections.

Leo Monthly Horoscope

The sun opposes Neptune on September 7. Learn the truth about a fond fantasy. You could put a firm foundation under a dream now. Look for money opportunities at the new moon on the ninth. Cash may not flow in right away, but the chance to make it happen could come your way now. Trust your own judgment and double-check anything you're told. The sun enters Libra on September 22 and autumn begins. Summer may be over, but there is still a lot of social fun in the air. The moon trines Venus today, too. Maybe have a house party or game night at home around the full moon on the twenty-fourth. Be good to yourself, and don't get run ragged from chasing more distant good times. On September 25, the sun squares Saturn. A control issue could come to a head. If you're the one in authority, be firm but not fierce.

Leo Yearly Horoscope

The year 2018 blazes with energy, challenges, and opportunities of the most practical and far-reaching kind. You're looking at a golden year, Leo! When the sun enters Leo, there is a grand earth trine, with Uranus in well-anchored Taurus, Venus in methodical Virgo, and Saturn and Pluto in pragmatic Capricorn. What you achieve in 2018 can be made to last. Plan and proceed wisely. The lunar North Node is in Leo now. Events in your life may feel more karmic and have more far-reaching consequences, too. The lunar eclipse in January has the moon in Leo, which could touch off emotional issues from the past. The lunar eclipse in July has the sun in Leo. Feel more emotionally grounded now. A partial solar eclipse in August could affect your social or professional status. Make it good! Mercury is retrograde in Leo during July and August. Mars will be retrograde, too, in Aquarius. Push slightly less hard now, give more thought before taking action, and come out far ahead of the game. Stronger, Smarter, Better, Hotter… your 2018 Horoscope will guide you where you've never been!

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Leo Career & Business Horoscope

Career and Business related problems are faced by each and every one in their lives. The positions of the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter depends on taking the right decision for your career and business. If you are facing problem regarding your career or business, contact us for Leo Career & Business Horoscope Today.

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Leo Health & Wellbeing Horoscope

Horoscope on Health and Wellbeing predicts the issues related to health and the precautionary measures should be taken to resolve the health problem in the future. No need to worry for any such health related problems just check your Leo Health & Wellbeing Horoscope for better health in future.

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Leo Love & Relationship Horoscope

Love and Relationships does matters a lot in anyone’s life. A successful relationship keeps you both happy mentally and healthy physically. Nowadays, many love problems arises due to misunderstandings which you can easily solve by following Leo Love & Relationship Horoscope today.

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Leo Education Problem Solution Horoscope

Students shall get success in their examinations as per their expectations. There would be improvement in your candidate and you would succeed in competitive examinations for higher studies. Know your education problem solution by visiting our Leo Education Problem Solution Horoscope.

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Leo Money & Finance Horoscope

Being too much money-making mentality and getting blind by the surrounding always is not the correct way. You need to seek the best time for being independent-minded. Consult with horoscope experts about your finance scope. Go through your Leo Money & Finance horoscope.

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Leo Family Problem Solution Horoscope

Do you have any family problem or disputes in your life? Well, your Horoscope can tell a lot about you. Conflicts may arise among you and your family members due to misunderstanding. Know about your family problem and solutions from our Leo Family Problem Solution Horoscope now!

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