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Kundli is a part of the study of the Vedic Astrology which reveals the compatibility between partners for marriage. Kundli matching also known as Kundli Milan are common in Indian Hindu societies. During arrange marriages, Kundli matching plays quite a vital role which determines how the stars of the bride and groom influence their marriage and guarantee their compatibility. Kundli is a sort of chart in the astrological study which shows the perfect positioning of heavenly bodies and planets. Kundli matching is based on Ashta Kuta system, calculating compatibility out of 36 points.

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Janam Patrika or Horoscope is studied and predicted by Vedic Astrologers on the basis of various astrological aspects like Birthdate, Birthplace and Birth time of the individuals. We have got the best Vedic astrology specialists in India who are experienced and skilled for almost 25 years and they undergo complex procedures with astrological analysis to predict your Kundli chart which can determine your planet,  horoscope, zodiac sign and how much compatible you are with your partner. It can also anticipate your future. Check your Kundli online now!

Best Kundli Matching Service

Our Astrologer Experts provides the ideal and best Kundli Matching Service in India. Online Kundli is easy and convenient as you just need to provide details about your birthplace, date and time. We provide the service completely free of cost and the calculations are more accurate. You can easily opt for Kundli matching service during arrange marriages. Our astrology and horoscope specialists are ready to help you out to know your Kundli. Just provide your details or the details of the individual and get a free full online report of Kundli matching today!

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Benefits of Online Kundli

  • Online Kundli helps to predict your future, by providing precise birth details.
  • It helps to determine compatibility between bride & groom during marriages.
  • You can determine your future & solutions to decrease your life problems.
  • Janam Kundli helps you to determine your life adversities & diseases in future.
  • It tells about your favourable and unfavourable time frames of life.

Why Choose Tabij.in for Kundli?

  • We provide the best and most accurate online Kundli service in India.
  • We emphasise providing privacy to our customers.
  • You can check your Kundli anytime, as our services are available for 24X7.
  • Tabij.in includes 93+ Astrology Specialist already providing Kundli Reports.
  • We are proud to determine 100% compatibility for bride & groom in marriages.

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* We don't provide automated(software generated) Kundli. Our Kundli specialist astrologers are ready to make a correct Kundli. It may take 4-5 business hours.
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Janam Kundli

Janam Kundli or Horoscope by birth date, place and time are predicted by our online astrology specialists. It is a chart of astrology determined by the positioning of heavenly bodies and planets. Get your Janam Kundli today!

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Love Kundli

Love Kundli Matching is quite important and plays a vital role in calculating compatibility among partners. You can try our free Online Kundli or Gun Milan to determine your love & married life. Get your Love Kundli now!

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Child Kundli

Any child born to the family brings immense happiness and we should bless them rightfully. Child Kundli can be made by the child’s birthdate, place & time. It helps to know about the child’s future & life. Get your Child’s Kundli done right now!

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Kundli Matching Specialist in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru

Kundli, also known as Natal chart or Janam Patri plays a vital role in an individual’s life. If prepared by someone professional, it can predict your traits and future with great accuracy. Tabij.in contains more than 93 astrology specialists in India. We are proud to provide more than 2000 online Kundli reports to our customers and helping them to determine their future, life problems, strengths, weaknesses and to determine the influence in their marriage life by determining the compatibility with their partners. So, if you are looking forward to getting an insight of your future, contact us. Our team of esteemed astrologers will study and analyse your Kundli with Vedic astrology methods and give answers to your questions and queries about you and your future. Get your Online Kundli Now!

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