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    Calculate the position of navagrahas according to your horoscope, kundli analysis, birth chart analysis, and remedies for kundli doshas by online Telugu Jathakam and Tamil Jathagam

    A kundli or birth chart or jathakam is prepared with the position of navagrahas and stars around the earth at the time of a one’s birth. The navagrahas which have a measure role in Jathagam or Jathakam are Suryan, Chandran, Chevvai, Budan, Guru, Sani, Sukran, Rahu and Ketu. And through Jathagam you can know about your problem and solution according to it.

    Why jathagam/jathakam prediction is important ?

    Jathagam/Jathakam is the study of navagraha’s influence on every human’s life. With the help of this jathagam analysis an accurate birth chart of every person can be made and through the birth chart the lagna problems for marriage and many kundali problems can be solved. So this jathagam analysis is very important for everyone. Tabij.in provide this Tamil jathagam online service for you and below their is a data table about this service.

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    Tamil jathagam is nothing but your Tamil horoscope prediction service. And Tabij.in provide you this Tamil jathagam online service to give you the best service of kundli matching, birth chart analysis, career suggestions and business advice. People who have specially problems with a specific planets or stars we are also provide them the remedies from our best expert of astrology in India. And by the help of this service we can predict your future on daily basis, weekly basis and monthly basis. Here is a city chart which shows where people are get more benefited by our service.

    Service of best Telugu jathakam for marriage problems

    Problems in a marriage can be seen for some specific reasons like inter-caste marriage, love marriage and kundli problems. So our site provide you the best service of Telugu jathakam for marriage. By which you can get the best kundli matching service to choose a right partner for a blissful marital life. Also you can get our Telugu jathakam service for accurate horoscope prediction. We give our services not only for problems prediction but also we give our service for solution of those problems. The benefits of Telugu jathakam for marriage service-

    • -> You can check your 36 gunas will match with your partner or not before marriage.
    • -> You can find a perfect partner according to your nature.
    • -> The understanding between you and your partner will never affected.
    • -> You can experience happy and blissful marital life.
    • -> Your family and your children will never disturbed by your relationship

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