Free Aquarius Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Horoscope- 2020 by Best astrologer of India

Aquarius Traits & Personality
(Jan 20 - Feb 18)
Zodiac Symbol Water-Bearer
Zodiac Element Air
Polarity Positive
Quality FIxed
Ruling Planet/ House Uranus/Eleventh
Traits Progressive, original, independent, stemperamental
Best Compatable Sagittarius

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Aquarius Personalized Horoscope 2020

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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

There's an emphasis on your segment of shared resources, funds, and business issues, so this is a decent an ideal opportunity to get sorted out and make key changes.
Sweet Venus is in your way of life part and calculating toward jaunty Jupiter and fantastic Neptune in your cash zone, so it could be hard to oppose the call to enjoy.
In the event that there is something you truly need, you may be very enticed to make a couple of things happen so you get the result you're seeking after.
Is it true that you are needing a new point of view? Getting the help of a holistic mentor could urge you to point higher and let go of any restrictions.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

This will be one of the most significant seasons for you, as you will probably observe an individual objective near your heart start to sprout (sun based first house).
In any case, as much as this second is about you, the planets are likewise causing a lot of to notice your critical associations (sun oriented seventh house).
Additionally, on the off chance that you'd prefer to make long haul arrangements with your loved one, even similar to commitment, marriage, or special first night arranging, make certain to utilize the new moon on the eighteenth to begin coordinating this.
However, as the sun enters your closeness area on August 22 for the whole month ahead, you might be thinking about the give and take in your connections (sunlight based eighth house).

Aquarius Yearly Horoscope

The new year is loaded with changes and difficulties! Your home planet, Uranus, made a major move into consistent Taurus a year ago, and these two totally different energies aren't the best of companions.
The sun consistently goes through your sign toward the beginning of the year, so from the finish of January until the finish of February, you commend your birthday month.
Watch out for a development of apprehensive strain over not knowing precisely what may occur straightaway. You like your opportunity, however you don't flourish in mayhem.
This isn't an ideal opportunity to attempt to talk hovers around anybody or pull any of your aloof forceful stuff, however, Aquarius. The immediate methodology works best

Summary of Compatibility of each sign with Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aries and Aquarius Passionate relationship
Taurus and Aquarius Challenging Match
Gemini and Aquarius Great Match
Cancer and Aquarius Imperfectly Perfect Relationship
Leo and Aquarius Tough Relationship
Virgo and Aquarius Difficult Realtionship
Libra and Aquarius Powerful Match
Scorpio and Aquarius Legendary Lovers
Sagittarius and Aquarius Passionate relationship
Capricorn and Aquarius Strong Realtionship
Aquarius and Aquarius Odd Relationship
Pisces and Aquarius Drained and Exhausted Relationship

Aquarius 2020 Key Transists

The Transit of Jupiter and Ketu on 23rd September 2020, will give strengths to Aqurius natives and convert their weakness to their strength.
Aquarius Moon sign Native will fouced on family relation and will face problem in the sun trainsit preiod from17th October to 16th November 2020.
The saturn will Tranist Aqurius From May 11,2020.

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