Birthstones Guide For 12 Houses Of Astrology

    Black magic and Vashikaran Specialist in Pune often talk about birthstones. You may have confusion as the stones are only concerned with totka. This is not true as we all belong to a birthstone according to our house. This ultimately helps us with various aspects of life and growth.

    Astrologers and Love Marriage Specialist in Pune are taking the birthstones and houses one of the most crucial tactics to enjoy life in better ways. Every house has its significance and the birthstone is decided by that only. Astrologers and Black Magic Specialist in Pune can let you know about your birthstone to make life easier.

    Astrologers Pune has calculated some precious and semi-precious stones for everyone. Let’s have a look at the birth-houses and their relevant stones according to the best Astrologer in Pune –


    House Spacifications Precious stones Semi-precious stones
    Aries Mars is the lord of Aries. The Aries Moon sign people are bold, impulsive, ambitious, active, aggressive and argumentative in nature. They are quearrelsome and uncompromising too. Res-coral Carnelian
    Taurus Venus is the lord of Taurus. The Taurus Moon sign people are very patience, loyal and stubborn. They have incredible endurance level. Diamond White zircon. White Sapphire
    Gemini Mercury is the lord of Gemini. The Gemini Moon sign people are very adaptable, joyous, changeable and carefree. They percieve quick grasping power and productivity ability. These people are fond of travel beyond the rules and regulations of their own. Emerald Peridot, Green tourmaline
    Cancer Moon is the lord of Cancer. These people are very changeable, emotional, sensitive and sympathetic in nature. They have good imagination and way diplomatic. Pearl Moon stone
    Leo Sun is the lord of Leo. These people are very ambitious, noble and large hearted. They believe in dignity, speculation and humanitarian gestures. Ruby Red-garnet, Red-tourmaline
    Virgo Mercury is the lord of Virgo. These people are trustworthy, easy going and intellectual. They may have commercial instinct and they follow intellectual pursuits. Emerald Peridot, Green tourmaline
    Libra Venus is the lord of Libra. These people are kind and courageous. They have their perceptions and they love to compare the things with each other. Diamond White zircon, White Sapphire
    Scorpio Mars is the lord of Scorpio. These people are clever, critical and impulsive in nature. They are emotional so they become revengeful too. Red-coral Canelian
    Sagittarius Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius. These people are quick, active and religious. They often percive two ideas for something and therefore, they take time to decide for one. Yellow-Sapphire Yellow-topaz, Scapolite
    Capricon Saturn is the lord of Capricon. These people are prudent, thoughful, patient and leader by nature. Blue-Sapphire Amethyst, Blue-spinel
    Aquarius Saturn is the lord of Aquarius. These people are intuitive, intelligent, careful, humanitarian, thoughtful and stubborn. They have new thoughts and fresh ideas. Blue-Sapphire Amethyst, Blue-spinel
    Pisces Jupiter is the lord of Pisces. These people are silent, emotional, dreamy and honest by nature. Yellow-Sapphire Yellow-topaz, Scapolite
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    Astrologers suggest these gemstones for life and Love Problem Solution in Pune along with the tiny details. Wearing the birthstones is helpful in life but there are a few things to keep in mind, as there are some stones that one house must not wear at any cost. You can get more in this way by consulting the Best Astrologer in Pune!