Astrology and Planets: The Basis of Human Life

    When we will talk about astrology, a Genuine Astrologer in Delhi is needed to comprehend the depth of it. Planets or celestial bodies are defining us and our lives as well. All this information is wrapped under one world i.e. ‘astrology’. The modern time takes astrology as black magic or Love Vashikaran Specialist in Delhi. Though it includes these extraordinary activities, this is not always about black magic or something. Astrology is much more that connects us with cosmos and represents their impacts on our regular lives.

    There are nine planets in our solar system; these are rotating around the sun. Everyone’s birth includes some specifications that are understood by the Best Astrologer in South Delhi. These specifications are derived by the positioning of Sun and Moon at that time of birth. Here, the placements of other planets also matter to describe a person and the personality as well.

    Somehow, Sun is a leader of all the planets that are in the middle of our solar program. In the western astrology, the meaning is associated with different planets, astrology signs, and the houses of the astrology in their different leaderships. Though it hardly believes in vashikaran and Black Magic Specialist in Delhi, when it believes the results are tremendously great.

    Zodiac signs are an essential part of astrology and as per the Best Astrologer in Delhi, different planets are ruling different zodiac signs. There are twelve zodiac signs which are ruled by specific planets. Here is the list –

    Planets Zodiac Signs
    Sun Leo
    Mercury Gemini or Virgo
    Venus Taurus and Libra
    Moon Cancer
    Mars Aries
    Jupiter Sagittarius Element fire
    Saturn and Uranus (in modern astrology) Capricon

    (Old school astrology includes Jupiter too)


    (Old school astrology includes Mars too)

    Scorpio Element water

    Rahu and Ketu

    Love Marriage Specialist in Delhi comes to meet with many kundalis, on a regular basis. They find and suggest Rahu and Ketu presence too. This often juggles people as to whether these are planets and if yes, what zodiac signs they are representing to.

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    On the flip side, people are taking these two presences as a term of fear. It doesn’t directly intimidate them, others compel them to think. These two are connected with astrology and even Black magic or Vashikaran Specialist in Delhi will allow you to take them with an easy mind.

    Rahu and Ketu are not representing any particular Zodiac sign as these are taken as an affiliate of Saturn and negotiator of Mars, respectively. As per the Best Astrologer in Delhi, Rahu rules Aquarius and Ketu recommendations Scorpio. The Sun provides life to everything on the globe. Rahu and Ketu are also connected with them.

    Final words

    Every planet is special and different. Whether it is about health requirements or Love Problem Solution in Delhi, astrology and planets are the leading players of everything. All this begins with your birth and keeps changing with the different positions of planets. Your Zodiac sign will never change, but the relevant prospectives will. Every year or even every day comes with new aspects that are relying on the sign.