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Everyone has the desire to know what the future has in store for them. Our astrologers offer online Horoscope service and online astrology readings based on the ancient principles of Indian astrology to help you uncover your destiny using the power of Vedic astrology and the principle of Jyotish, the knowledge to use divine light that removes ignorance. Avail expert solution for all problems by online vedic astrology, Indian horoscope about love marriage, wealth, health, numerology, black magic solution, vastu remedy and more. Explore vedic astrology prediction for different aspect of life by kundli, birth chart analysis.

What We Offer

Contact us today for a detailed solution for health, wealth, job, career, vashikaran, black magic, love relationship problems, vastu remedies and many more services. Our proven track record and expertise will solve your issue in a more logical and astronomical way.

Vashikaran Specialist India Astrology website Free Love problem Vashikaran
Get vedic astrological consultation for all problems by famous Indian astrologers. We provide complete solution for problems related to relationships, married life, jobs, career, health issues, business growth.
Vashikaran Specialist India Astrology website Free Love problem Vashikaran
Know your personalized horoscope by date of birth. We provide complete solution for love, marriage, career, job, matchmaking, love compatibility, love relationships, black magic consultation and many more.
Vashikaran Specialist India Astrology website Free Love problem Vashikaran
Know your lucky number, date, colour, gems, metals, marriage date by numerology expert in India. We evaluate happening of past, present and future from date of birth and time of your horoscope.
Vashikaran Specialist India Astrology website Free Love problem Vashikaran
Black magic
Solve your love and relationship problems by astrological way of black magic, vashikaran mantra, yantra and black magic spells.
Vashikaran Specialist India Astrology website Free Love problem Vashikaran
Our Vashikarn experts will give you solutions of all the love marriage problem. Vashikran specialist will help you through out allthe process


“Thank you very much for your support and suggestions. I can definitely say that your prediction turned out to be accurate. I have taken many consultation regarding love relation, career, job. I will certainly refer your services to all of my friends and family.”

- Naveen Pillai
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“After 5 years of marriage, our marriage is not working well. But we accurately followed whatever you told us to do The precious black magic and vashikaran spells you gave us, and the poojas to be performed. We followed whatever you told us. Then we succeeded. ”

- Deepak Kapoor
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Indian Astrology and Horoscope

Whether you are concerned about relationships, career prospects, heath or any other issue, let Indian astrology reveal the answers you are seeking. What makes Tabij Astrology India stand out is to offer zodiac based on horoscope, which is well known for its accurate prediction. For more information about Astrology Reading please contact us today.

A Few Words About Us

Astrology is an art that is based on the movement of planets, stars, celestial bodies with respect to the position of the Sun and Moon. We can say that is the study of celestial bodies that can be studied with the help of birth chart and zodiac signs. The different branches of astrology help in getting effective solutions for many problems like Black Magic, Vashikaran, Nadi astrology, Vedic astrology, Indian astrology, Feng Shui, palmistry, tarot reading and crystal fortune telling. All these branches hold a very prominent place in the lives of believers. Although, many of the astrology branches belong to pseudoscience, still they are found to be very effective in diminishing negativity from lives of people.

Vashikaran Specialist India Astrology website Free Love problem Vashikaran


As the wheel of time spins into an advanced era of evolution, humans can now control many aspects of life, one most vital aspect being preventive to problems. We all know that a ‘horoscope’ is cast based solely on the date, time & place of birth of a child. The planetary configuration horoscope in turn decides the growth potential, personality, future etc. In other words 'horoscope’ is a picture of 'destiny’. Astrology has been considered to be a medium from bringing the right guidance in your life. As with Horoscope prediction of your future is done by the astrologer. This can be taken as guidance to move in the right directions in life and avoid the coming threat or at least can know how to deal with the threat when you cannot stop it. The guidance provided by the team of Indian astrologers can bring real change in your outlook towards your life with their right prediction.

Indian horoscope readings can make you emotionally strong to handle the truth and move for the better future accepting the present or past failure. So to get the right guidance to your future you can go for Indian horoscope readings online. Tabij astrology will give proper advice, insight into life and emotions with proper knowledge on several issues happening presently in your life.

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